Cat, I'm a kittycat, and I dance dance dance, and I dance dance dance!
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    They could handle it better

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    Yellowfang! Requested by taggerific

    I’ve always loved her, though she got a bit grumpier in the 3rd and 4th series :)

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    • What she says: I'm fine
    • What she means: Tigerstar's father, the leader of ThunderClan, left him to become a kittypet. We can assume that this may have caused his hatred for kittypets and is what drove him to become leader. He wanted to prove himself as better than his father. Thistleclaw fueled his ambition, and he became too powerful and power-hungry. He was really just driven by the abandonment of his father. He was hurt all this time.
  • who would win in a fight


    superwholocks vs. overcompensating anime bloggers who want to seem really tough

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    when your friends make new OCs and you be like


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